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MUCHO SIM cards are available in independent newsstands and the following Points of Sale:

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1GB – 30 days
Automatic renewal


1 GB – 30 days


Standard Tarif

Before the first connection to Internet, don't forget to restart your phone.

Detailed information

You benefit at all times from the best rates for phoning, whatever your use of the Internet.

The DATAPACK, automatic renewal, and the ONE DATAPACK are the DATA service access packages.

Their price is debited from the MUCHO credit upon activation. They expire after 30 days or as soon as all MB have been used (1GB = 1 024MB). The MB non used after 30 days cannot be carried over to the next period or to another pack.

You just need to send via SMS to 444: STATUS for the volume and the expiration date of the current pack.

DATAPACK, automatic renewal

As soon as all the MB have been used, or as of 30 days, the DATAPACK is automatically renewed for 30 days. Its price is again debited from the MUCHO credit.

Automatic renewal is only possible if the available MUCHO credit is sufficient. If not, the automatic renewal is suspended until the credit is recharged. During the wait for the automatic renewal, Internet will be billed at the DATA Standard Tarif.

Automatic renewal can be stopped at any time. You just need to send via SMS to 444 : STOP DATAPACK.

The price of the DATAPACK can be modified. Information will be sent via SMS before the new rate is applied.


As soon as all the MB have been used, or as of 30 days, Mobile Internet is billed at the DATA Standard Tariff.

The subscription of a new pack is therefore possible.

It is possible at any time to request automatic renewal. You just need to send via SMS to 444 : START DATAPACK

Early termination of a ONE DATAPACK is not possible.

DATA Standard Tariff

The Standard DATA rate, presented in CHF by MB used, is billed by 10 kb portions for each active session. It is possible that the telephone establishes several DATA sessions in parallel therefore several billing lines could appear for the same time.

Note: 1MB = 1'024kB.

Roaming DATA

The DATA Standard Tariff, DATAPACK and ONE DATAPACK offers are valid in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

For the Roaming Internet access rates, visit the Tarifs page.

Configuration of your telephone
  • Normally you automatically receive an SMS with the configuration of your telephone upon activation of the DATA
  • Or manually configure the GPRS settings on your telephone.
    APN (Access Point Name) :, the other default settings remain unchanged.
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