Discover our best mobile prepaid packs to Call and Surf in Switzerland.

Best Swiss Signal

Hello Switzerland! Welcome to MUCHO freedom! 

The all-in-one DUO mobile packs are the best option for your Calls and Surf needs in Switzerland! You want to always keep your costs under control? Do you want to say goodbye to mobile invoices? You want to be flexible and change Pack if needed? With MUCHO DUO Mobile packs you never spend more than what is included in the pack, and you are free to change your mind at any point! For more comfort, the DUO packs are auto-renewed every 30 days on your remaining credit or via your payment card!


MUCHO means A LOT!

Generous offers for everyone, for real.

N° 1 mobile network
N° 1 mobile network
With MUCHO you enjoy the N° 1 network in Switzerland used daily by over 6 million mobile subscribers
No Commitment! No Contract Termination Tricks! Renew, Change, Stop your mobile pack as often as you wish!
Cost Control
Cost Control
It's about your money! Transparent anytime: you are always in control!

Buy credit for your MUCHO Mobile SIM card or recharge it with one of our prepaid packs, and continue calling, sending SMS, and using your unlimited data immediately after topping up. You get not 1 but 2 bonuses after each top up.

Did you run out of data? Have you spent the last minutes of your calling mobile plan? Are you traveling and want to expand your Swiss local plan to an international bundle? Use MUCHO’s top-up page and continue to call, browse, and message at unbeatable rates with the best mobile network covering 99.9% of Switzerland thanks to the multi-awarded N° 1 Swiss mobile network.

Recharge your MUCHO Mobile SIM card by logging in to your myMUCHO account or by visiting a SBB terminal and receive credit instantly on your phone.

There are many different ways, only you choose!