The ideal Internet-only prepaid packs for surfing on your mobile without contractual binding. For your SIM-based tablet, your laptop, IOT or tracking device, and your hotspot device get the FULL SPEED mobile internet, without commitment and without multiple expensive ABOs or inflexible subscriptions.

Data Packs for Switzerland + Europe

When your laptop or tablet travels with you, you need a prepaid internet pack dedicated to your mobile device that gives you TOP connectivity in Switzerland and while traveling in Europe! Get your data-only pack!

Data Packs

Looking for the best prepaid packs for connected devices in Switzerland and for Europe? MUCHO Mobile is the answer.  

Flexible, not subscription-based, Prepaid Internet Plans from MUCHO are ideal for Tablets, Hotspots or IOT devices. No ABO, No Commitment, 100 % Freedom with your Data-Only Mobile Bundles for Switzerland and your next travel in Europe.

We offer the best prepaid packs for both calls and internet within Switzerland, and also abroad in Europe. Start calling and browsing from CHF 4.90 for 30 days with MUCHO’s prepaid bundles, and enjoy the best mobile coverage with the number 1 Swiss mobile operator. With our low-cost internet packs, you get 30 days to spend up to 10GB.

Our best-selling data packs are DATAMINI, DATAMAXI, DATAMEGA, DATA EUMINI, and DATA EUMAXI. Forget about minutes, SMS, and calling fees, and take good note of our internet rates so you can browse and surf* around Switzerland and the European Union at the full speed without having to get a new SIM card or paying extras.

*The surfboard is not included, but you can definitely afford to get your own with the amount you save thanks to MUCHO. Mucho easy with MUCHO Mobile!