Our Prepaid Bundles

Prepaid Pack: the smart alternative to mobile contracts. Total cost control and full flexibility with 0% commitment.


Calls & Internet in Switzerland

Call and Surf on the best mobile network from CHF 4.90 for 30 days.


Calls & Internet in Switzerland, Europe and More

The all-in-one prepaid packs that include Top Speed Internet for Switzerland, with call minutes to Switzerland, Europe and the World!


Surf in Switzerland and beyond

Find the right internet bundle for Switzerland only or for Switzerland and Europe! An Internet Prepaid Data Pack is the ideal solution for your laptop, tablet, or any IOT device!


Valid in Europe

Keep control and enjoy Internet while being in Europe. Ideal roaming option to complete a Prepaid DUO Pack: enjoy Internet in Europe with total control during 365 days - exceptional lifetime duration!

MUCHO Mobile offers the best prices for calls and internet, both in Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world, without any commitment o sign up fees.

You order your free SIM card, charge it with your preferred prepaid pack, and start enjoying! Our prepaid mobile plans can provide you with unlimited calls to Europe or the rest of the world, unlimited full-speed 4G internet, roaming, SMS, and everything you need, all in only one mobile SIM card that you can easily recharge or top up in many different ways.

The best of it all is that you can ensure your mobile service is always live by simply activating the auto-payment option to have your pack renewed after 30 days and charged directly to your payment card. If you don't choose to auto-renew, you will get an SMS or notification before your plan expires, so you won't spend an extra cent if you don't want to. Interested in manually renewing your phone plan? Top up or recharge online, through a SBB/CFF/FSS ATM, or by buying your recharge ticket in one of our +8000 stores.