Unbeatable Rates

Crystal-clear top prices for both national and international calls on the N°1 Swiss mobile communication network.

The best prices in Switzerland!

No subscription fees, no (bad) surprises. With MUCHO you choose to call on a pay per minute mode or you select your preferred bundle including minutes and internet. In any case, you'll never spend more than what you have decided! We offer 30-day mobile plans from CHF 4.90 per month, including Minutes and Data, with no commitment or ABO, and 100% prepaid. Want to discover our per minutes rates ? Have a look here below ! 

National Rates Without Pack (pay per calling minute)

Swiss Fixed Line Mucho Mobile Swiss Mobile VoiceMail 0800 Hotline SMS
SWISS 0.29 CHF 0.15 CHF 0.29 CHF 0.00 CHF 0.00 CHF 0.00 CHF 0.15 CHF
Swiss Fixed Line 0.29 CHF
Mucho Mobile 0.15 CHF
Swiss Mobile 0.29 CHF
VoiceMail 0.00 CHF
0800 0.00 CHF
Hotline 0.00 CHF
SMS 0.15 CHF
Sometimes afraid of calling the world?

Sometimes afraid of calling the world?

You know how “hidden“ international rates can be… Guess why is that? With MUCHO’s international calling rates you always enjoy transparent and highly competitive prices!

Our Roaming Rates

Whether you need roaming every month or only 3 weeks per year, we have competitive and transparent roaming rates and packs for you!

Global coverage with more than 160 countries
Mobile network
Data Roaming in 4G everywhere (Download 50Mbps)
Every roaming option is valid for 12 months upon activation.

Save with Packs

A prepaid mobile pack is a smart alternative to a mobile Abo: you never spend more than the cost of the plan, you are free to change/stop your pack anytime, you can forget about invoices, and most packs even are auto-renewed every 30 days for your perfect comfort!