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Get a MUCHO Mobile prepaid pack.

How do I keep my current mobile number and transfer it to MUCHO?

During the process of ordering your MUCHO SIM card, you will be able to choose to keep your current mobile...

I have a MUCHO subscription, can I convert it to a MUCHO prepaid account?

Nein, es ist nicht möglich, ein MUCHO-Abonnement in ein MUCHO-Prepaid-Konto umzuwandeln. ID: FAQ_EXT-04_10022_1question

How can I join MUCHO, if I already have a mobile number and a subscription with another operator?

To join MUCHO and keep your number, you must first order the MUCHO subscription of your choice. During the ordering...

How to reach MUCHO and get a new mobile number?

You can join MUCHO and get a new phone number. You will receive your MUCHO SIM card with your new...

How many MUCHO SIM cards can I buy in total?

The number of SIM cards per customer is limited to a maximum of 5 for our mobile subscriptions and prepaid...