Internet in Switzerland

Use and consumption Internet in Switzerland.

Why is the internet speed on my unlimited package or subscription suddenly reduced? (Fair Use Policy)

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How do I configure my hotspot on my smartphone to share my data access?

You can create a Wi-Fi hotspot with your smartphone to allow mobile internet access to other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Your...

How much data is delivered, without speed restriction, in unlimited ? (Fair Use Policy)

The MUCHO unlimited subscriptions are reserved for a mobile, private and normal use. By “normal private use”, MUCHO means a...

Can I use a 4G or 5G connection with MUCHO?

With MUCHO Mobile, you benefit from the best network coverage in Switzerland, both in 3G and 4G. ID: FAQ_EXT-07_10135_1question

I have used 100% of the internet included in my limited pack or in my subscription limited in number of Gigas? How can I add more internet?

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