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Impressum and Terms and Conditions

MUCHO is a product of BeeOne Communication SA

BeeOne Communication SA
Route des Jeunes 6
CH-1227 Carouge
Tel: +41(0) 22 300 59 00
Fax: +41(0) 22 300 59 09

Mucho General Terms and Conditions - As of 1st June 2012

The present General Terms and Conditions govern the range of prepaid mobile telephony services provided by BeeOne Communication SA, hereafter referred to by the registered commercial trade mark MUCHO. “Customer” is used to designate any person, physical or moral, who contracts with MUCHO by registering a MUCHO SIM card.

The current version of these General Terms and Conditions is available on The French version is used as the reference in the event of conflict over translation or interpretation. MUCHO provides the Customer mobile telephone services such as those defined on MUCHO calls upon third parties who contribute to the execution of its contractual obligations. MUCHO cannot guarantee to the Customer a complete absence of disturbances and dysfunctions.

In accordance with the law, access to MUCHO services requires a preliminary registration of the Customer. The Customer must therefore present official proof of identity. If it is not possible to verify the identity of the Customer, and pursuant to article 15 subparagraph 5bis of the Swiss Federal Law on the Surveillance of Post and Telecommunications, the MUCHO SIM card can be deactivated. The General Terms and Conditions are deemed as accepted by the Customer when a SIM card registration has been requested. The Customer must promptly communicate any change of address to MUCHO. The Customer must promptly inform MUCHO in the event of a lost or stolen SIM card and/or the secret data associated with the card (PIN, PUK…). In the event of a request by competent authorities, the name and the address of the person officially registered is communicated, even in the event of transfer of the MUCHO SIM card. If the person to whom the card is transferred commits criminal acts by using the card, the purchaser can be prosecuted for complicity, participation or obstruction of criminal proceedings.

MUCHO SIM cards are sold to the Customer with an initial monetary credit determined by MUCHO, with an amount and expiration date that can vary, according to the date and place of registration of the SIM card. Subsequently, the telephone credit still has an expiration date that is redefined and confirmed each time the account is recharged. On the expiration date, the remaining minutes are lost; they are neither refundable nor transferable. An account with no monetary credit can still receive calls for 30 days. Following this period the SIM card can only be used after having been recharged. After 6 months of non-use, the SIM card loses its validity. The contract is automatically terminated. The phone number associated with the account is then assigned to a new SIM card and therefore cannot be recovered by the Customer. To determine the telephone credit and expiration date, only the Swisscom metering system, MUCHO’s service supplier, is authorised.

Current rates for using MUCHO services and Roaming rates are available on MUCHO reserves the right to modify rates at any time. Customer use of the services after publication of new rates is subject to the new prices.

For technical reasons, in case of operation needs or further to lawful obligations, the call numbers can be withdrawn or modified without compensation. Customer data is handled by MUCHO in accordance with current legislation. MUCHO collects, stores and uses only the data required for the application of the legal provisions necessary to provide the services, and useful for the establishment and the maintenance of a good relationship with the Customer. In addition, MUCHO collaborates with third party companies, in Switzerland or abroad; MUCHO provides customer data to these companies in order for them to handle the data for the MUCHO account. The Customer gives MUCHO the right to use their data in order to create and develop services best adapted for the Customer’s needs. The customer authorizes MUCHO a priori to contact them via SMS, telephone, email or postal address to inform them about MUCHO services. The Customer can, however, send a request MUCHO by postal address, PO Box 1528,1211 Geneva, to unsubscribe from receiving such information and solicitations.

The Customer must use MUCHO services in accordance with the current General Terms and Conditions, user guides and Swiss law. The resale of MUCHO services is prohibited unless there is a specific contract signed between MUCHO and the Customer. The use of MUCHO accounts to finish calls not originating from a MUCHO SIM card, as well as machine-machine calls are strictly prohibited. Valid for normal mobile prepaid use. If it proves that usage considerably differs from normal use e.g for special applications like surveillance, connections sharing, substitution to a fixed access or machine-to-machine, MUCHO reserves the right to curtail or restrict the service or even suspend the account, without notice or prior information, and to terminate the contract binding MUCHO to the Customer.

In no case can MUCHO be held responsible for an abusive use of its services and the consequences. In particular, but not exclusively, if the Customer uses their account in such a way that Third Party intellectual property laws are violated, the Customer must answer for their acts and relieve MUCHO of any penalty.

For the duration of the contract, the Customer has the non-transferable and nonexclusive right to use the services and the products made available by MUCHO in accordance with the current General Terms and Conditions and with the other contractual arrangements. MUCHO - or authorized third parties – retain all the intellectual property laws existing or resulting from the execution of the contract relative to its services and its products. MUCHO reserves the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions and other contractual provisions. The Customer will be informed of such modifications on Customer use of MUCHO services after publication of the new General Terms and Conditions shall be understood as acceptance. MUCHO can decide to suspend its services at any time. MUCHO assumes only the responsibility for damage caused intentionally or resulting from serious negligence and having consequences on the use of MUCHO services. Any responsibility for loss of profit is excluded. In all the cases, Swiss law is applicable.

Ombudscom mediates in disputes arising from telecommunication and added-value services.




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