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Who is MUCHO

Discover MUCHO Mobile and our services.

Can I get a mobile subscription combined with a subsidized phone?

MUCHO Mobile prioritises customer freedom for its subscriptions with no minimum commitment period in order to deliver the best services...

Is there a referral program at MUCHO?

Yes, MUCHO Mobile does indeed offer a referral program. To participate, we invite you to visit our Referral page available...

Which network connection does MUCHO use?

MUCHO mobile has been operating since 2010 on the Swisscom network, which offers exceptional coverage in Switzerland. ID: FAQ_EXT-09_10105_1question

What and who is MUCHO Mobile?

MUCHO Mobile is a new generation mobile operator based in Geneva (Switzerland). It offers its mobile services based on 4...

How can I reset my MyMucho password?

You can update your myMUCHO password from your cockpit. To do so, we invite you to follow the following steps:...

Can I use a 4G or 5G connection with MUCHO?

With MUCHO Mobile, you benefit from the best network coverage in Switzerland, both in 3G and 4G. ID: FAQ_EXT-07_10135_1question