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Don't hesitate to contact the MUCHO Customer Service, if your questions are not addressed below.



What is MUCHO?

MUCHO is a prepaid, rechargeable SIM card for mobile telephones. MUCHO offers the best prepaid mobile rates for calling internationally.

How does MUCHO work?

You need to purchase a MUCHO SIM from one of our resellers. This SIM contains an initial communication credit. After the reseller activates the SIM, you can use the telephone. The average waiting time for activation is 15 minutes if the activation form is completed correctly. Once the communication credit has been used, you just need to top up your SIM in order to use the telephone.

General Information

Where can I purchase a MUCHO SIM or a Top Up ticket?

MUCHO SIMs are available from our resellers.

I just purchased a MUCHO SIM but I can't get it to work?

In case of a problem, contact MUCHO customer service at 0840 775 775, available Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm. It is also possible to leave a message 24h/24 and we will call you back.

Free service from a MUCHO telephone. From a fixed Swiss number, the cost of a local call.

I lost my MUCHO SIM, what should I do?

Complete the contact form.

How can I get my MUCHO number?

You just need to dial *130*125# on your MUCHO telephone and press the call button.

How can I use MUCHO without changing my mobile telephone number?

Just transfer of your mobile telephone number from your current operator to MUCHO (portability).

Download the flyer and the Mobile Number Portability form.

I currently have a standard MUCHO SIM but I need a nano/micro MUCHO SIM. How can I get one and how much does it cost?

MUCHO can provide you with a nano SIM or a micro SIM. Contact MUCHO customer service via the contact form.

You will be billed 10 CHF for a micro SIM and 15 CHF for a nano SIM.

The credit remaining on the previous SIM card will be automatically credited to the new SIM card.

The nano SIM is free for new MUCHO customers.

Which phone can I use?

Can I use a MUCHO SIM with any phone?

MUCHO SIMs are compatible with all unlocked phones. However, MUCHO SIMs are generally compatible with SWISSCOM and M-Budget telephones. Phones with technology other than GSM standards (e.g. USA, North America) are not compatible.

Can I use a MUCHO SIM with a locked phone?

Please contact the previous provider of your phone and request the code to remove the lock.


Where can I find the PIN code of my SIM?

The PIN code is displayed on the back of the SIM card holder.

Where can I find the PUK number of my SIM?

The PUK code is displayed on the back of the SIM card holder.

Can I change my PIN code?

Dial on your telephone:

**04*old PIN*new PIN*new PIN# and press the call button to validate it.

The PIN can be modified as often as you like.

I lost my PIN and PUK code?

If you have misplaced your PIN and PUK codes, complete the contact form.

How can I unblock a SIM?

If you enter a wrong PIN code 3 times, your SIM card will be locked.To unlock it, you need to enter the PUK code that is displayed on your SIM card holder.

Dial: **05*PUK*new PIN*new PIN# and press the call button or OK or YES to validate it.

Internet Data

How can I access to internet from MUCHO?

To manage your budget, the activation of Internet access is not automatic by the activation of your SIM.

To activate Internet access on your phone, send via SMS to 444: START DATA and restart your phone.

How do I set up my phone for internet access?

You'll receive automatically via SMS the configuration specific to your phone.

  • If not, visit Swisscom's telephone configuration page
  • Or manually configure the GPRS setting on your telephone

    APN (access point name) :, the other settings by default remain the same.

  • What is the speed of the connection to internet?

    The maximum Internet connection speed is 7.2Mbit/s in download.

    You benefit from the coverage and quality of the 3G Swisscom network!

    How is internet billed?

    DATA Standard Tariff

    The DATA Standard Tariff, presented in CHF by MB used, is billed by 10kB portions for each active session. It is possible that the phone establishes several sessions in parallel. Several lines of billing could therefore appear for the same time.

    The DATA Standard Tariff is 0.08CHF/MB, valid in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


    The DATAPACK, automatic renewal, and the ONE DATAPACK, are the DATA service access packages.

    Their price is debited from the MUCHO credit upon activation. They expire after 30 days or as soon as all MB have been used (1GB = 1 024MB). The MB non used after 30 days cannot be carried over to the next period or to another pack.

    The DATAPACKS are valid in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

    Note: 1MB = 1’024kB et 1 GB = 1'024 MB.

    How are my calls billed if I activate internet?

    No unpleasant surprise!

    The activation of Internet or of a DATAPACK has no impact on the cost of your calls. You always call cheaper.

    What is the difference between a DATAPACK and a ONE DATAPACK?

    DATAPACK, automatic renewal

    Upon use of all the MB, or as of 30 days, DATAPACK is automatically renewed for 30 days.

    Automatic renewal is only possible if the available MUCHO credit is sufficient. If not, it will be suspended until the credit is recharged. During the wait for the automatic renewal, Internet will be billed at the DATA Standard Tariff.

    Automatic renewal can be stopped at any time. You just need to send via SMS to 444 : STOP DATAPACK.

    The price of the DATAPACK can be modified. Information will be sent via SMS before the new rate is applied.


    Upon use of all the MB, or as of 30 days, Internet Mobile is billed at the Standard Rate.

    Subscription to a new pack is then possible.

    To request an automatic renewal, send via SMS to 444: START DATAPACK.

    Early termination of a ONE DATAPACK is not possible.

    How can I see the remaining volume or the expiration date of a current pack?

    You have 2 possibilities to see the remaining volume or the expiration date of an active pack:

  • Send via SMS to 444: STATUS
  • View your personal MUCHO mio account
  • .

    Do I receive information about the automatic renewal of a DATAPACK?

    Yes, you receive the following SMS messages

  • 1 SMS when you have less than 200 MB or 24 hours of use remaining
  • then 1 SMS informing you that the automatic renewal is done.
  • Is it possible to stop the automatic renewal of a DATAPACK?

    The automatic renewal can be stopped at any time. You just need to send via SMS to 444 : STOP DATAPACK.

    The non used MB remain valid until the pack's expiration date.

    What happens if I don't have enough MUCHO credit at the time of the DATAPACK automatic renewal?

    You'll be informed by SMS that the automatic renewal cannot be carried out because you do not have enough credit. Internet will be billed at the Standard Rate until your credit is sufficient to carry out the automatic renewal.

    It will be automatically activated as soon as the credit reaches the price of the DATAPACK.

    How will I be billed at the end of a ONE DATAPACK?

    You'll be informed by SMS that your ONE DATAPACK is about to expire. You can request the automatic renewal, send via SMS to 444 : START DATAPACK.

    At the expiration of a ONE DATAPACK Internet will be billed at the DATA Standard Tariff. The subscription of a new pack is then possible, sending via SMS to 444:START ONE DATAPACK.

    Is it possible to cancel a ONE DATAPACK?

    The termination and refund of a ONE DATAPACK is not possible.

    How can I remove the Internet service?

    You must remove the internet access on your phone.

    How is Internet Roaming billed?

    DATA, DATAPACK and DATAPACK offers are valid in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

    For Internet Roaming Rates, visit the Tariffs page.

    Is it possible to block internet Roaming access?

    Yes, you must block Internet Roaming access in the settings of your telephone.

    Call with MUCHO

    How can I call internationally with MUCHO?

    To call abroad with MUCHO from Switzerland you just need to dial 00 followed by the country code and the number you are calling. Then press the call button of your phone.

    Which network does MUCHO operate on?

    MUCHO operates on the SWISSCOM mobile network, excellent and available everywhere in Switzerland.

    Can I call surcharged number such as 0900xx with my MUCHO SIM?

    Calls to surcharged numbers such as 0900xx are blocked by your MUCHO telephone.

    I purchased a MUCHO SIM pack + locked telephone on the Swisscom network. How can I unlock it?

    Phones sold with a prepaid MUCHO SIM card are locked on the Swisscom network for the lifetime of the device. MUCHO does not unlock any phones.

    Top up

    How can I top up the credit of my MUCHO SIM?

  • Top up on MUCHO mio.
  • Purchase a MUCHO top up from one of our resellers.

    Dial on your MUCHO telephone *123* then enter the PIN code on your top up ticket followed by #. Then press the call button on your phone.

  • How do I know if my top up is valid?

    As soon as your top up is activated, you'll receive an SMS confirming that your MUCHO number has been credited. The validity period is also confirmed.

    Can I top up if I am abroad?

    If you are abroad:

  • either you have purchased a top up ticket before your departure. You just need to dial *123* PIN CODE followed by # on your MUCHO phone, then press the call button.
  • or you can credit your account via MUCHO mio. You will therefore need your PUK code and a valid credit card.
  • Communication credit / remaining credit

    Does my communication credit have a time limitation?

    The communication credit has a period of validity beginning at the time of the top up activation.

  • 10 CHF ⇒ 2 months
  • 20 CHF ⇒ 4 months
  • 30 CHF ⇒ 6 months
  • 50 CHF ⇒ 9 months
  • 100 CHF ⇒ 12 months
  • The longest period of validity is systematically applied to the total credit. The validity of your credit is confirmed by SMS as soon as you activate your top up. Upon expiration of your telephone credit the remaining credit is lost; it is not refundable or transferable.

    Is my credit lost upon the expiration of the credit validity?

    Upon each new top up, the longest credit validity is applied to the total credit.

    To avoid losing remaining credit at the end of the validity period, don't forget to top up your credit before the expiration date.

    3 days before the expiration and the last day of the credit validity, you receive an SMS reminding you that it is time to top up to not lose this remaining credit. All credit at the time of expiration is not transferable or refundable.

    How can I check my credit and the expiration date?

    At the end of each call you receive an SMS indicating your remaining credit.

    You can check your remaining credit at any time:

  • on your MUCHO telephone by dialling *130# and press the call button
  • or on MUCHO mio
  • How can I stop the SMS with information about my remaining credit at the end of each call?

    Dial *106*10# on your MUCHO phone and press the call button.

    Can I reactivate the SMS with information about my remaining credit at the end of each call?

    You just need to dial *106*11# on your MUCHO phone and press the call button.


    How can I check current MUCHO rates?

    You can view all current rates:

  • from our Tarifs page
  • or dial from your MUCHO phone *139*1#. By this way you can check the applicable rate for each phone number.
  • Call billing

    How are calls billed?

    The cost of a call is equal to the minute rate multiplied by the number of minutes for the call, to which is added a connection fee per call. Calls are billed per minute. All minutes started are billed in their entirety.

    Are there connection fees?

    Connection fees are applied to each answered call. See details on the Tariffs page.

    How can I see the cost details of my calls?

    You can view the cost of each call on MUCHO mio


    What is MUCHO Amigo?

    MUCHO Amigo is a preferential rate for calling in Switzerland.

    What are the numbers affected by the Amigo rate?

    The Amigo rate is valid for 5 preferred fixed Swiss numbers. Business numbers (0512 and 058) and other special numbers cannot be chosen as Amigo numbers.

    How can I register or modify an Amigo number?

    There are 3 possibilities to register the preferred numbers benefiting from the Amigo rate

  • Register the numbers when you register your SIM.
  • Register the numbers directly on your phone by dialling *139*4# and press the call button and follow the instructions.
  • Manage your Amigo list on MUCHO mio
  • Is it possible to modify my Amigo numbers?

    You get 5 free changes every 90 days. Any additional modification is billed 10 CHF.

    What are my Amigo numbers?

    You can view your registred numbers

  • on your MUCHO phone by dialling *139*4# and press the call button
  • or on MUCHO mio
  • Voice mail

    How can I listen to my messages?

    To listen to your messages dial 086 followed by your MUCHO phone number (077 5….).

    What is my personal voice mail number?

    The general voice mail number is 079 499 79 79.

    It is the same for everyone, but the system recognises who is calling and directs you to your voice mail. You can also use your personal voice mail number that begins with 086: for example, if your number is 0775001100, your personal number is 0860775001100.

    This is particularly useful to set up call forwarding to your voice mail.

    Can I deactivate my voice mail?

    Yes, on MUCHO mio page, contractual data menu and unselect the voice mail option.

    It is always possible to reactive it by selecting the option "Voice mail". Attention, it must be reconfigured (welcome message,…).

    Can I deactivate my voice mail temporarily?

    You can deactivate your voice mail temporarily by dialling ##004# and press the call button of your phone.

    You can then reactivate your voice mail by calling **004*004186 MUCHO number (10 digits) #.

    For example, if your number is 0775001100, you must call : **004*0041860775001100#.

    My voice mail is not in the correct language, what can I do?

    dial the voice mail and in the welcome message make the following selections to change language:

  • 9 Einstellungen / Configuration / Configurazione
  • 4 Sprache / Langue / Lingua
  • Then your choose the language that you would like:

  • 1 German / Deutsch / Allemand / Tedesco
  • 2 French / Französich / Français /Francese
  • 3 Italian / Italienish / Italien /Italiano
  • 4 English / Anglais /Inglese
  • SMS / MMS

    I cannot send an SMS, what should I do?

    Check on your phone that the number for the short message center (SMS Center/SMS Gateway) is registered correctly +41794999000.

    Can I send or receive MMS messages with MUCHO?

    This service not available from MUCHO.

    MUCHO moi

    What is MUCHO mio?

    MUCHO mio allows you to manage all the information regarding your MUCHO account

  • personal data
  • contractual data
  • follow your account history
  • top up your credit online with a credit card
  • manage the list of your Amigos numbers.
  • How do I access MUCHO mio?

    To access MUCHO mio, click on the MUCHO mio bubble on the top right of this screen.

    You must then enter your phone number and your password. CAUTION, the password is the PUK code of your card.

    You can change this password once you have accessed MUCHO mio.

    Account history

    Do I have the possibility to see my call and SMS history?

    It is possible to view your call and SMS history on MUCHO mio.

    Is it possible to see my top up history?

    It is possible to view your top up history MUCHO mio.

    Emergency calls

    What number must be dialled for emergency calls?

    To make an emergency call dial 112.

    Roaming / Calls from abroad

    Can I call with MUCHO if I am outside Switzerland?

    It is entirely possible to phone with MUCHO from abroad.

    In this case, roaming fees will be applied in place of the regular rates.

    Roaming rate details are available on the Roaming page.

    What are the roaming rates?

    Roaming rates are the rates applied if you use MUCHO from abroad.

    Visit the roaming rates list on this site page Roaming.

    When your MUCHO phone registers on a foreign network for the first time you receive for free an SMS that informs you of the roaming rates for the country where you are located. You can suspend the sending of this automatic SMS from your MUCHO mio page.

    Note: the applicable MUCHO rates from Liechtenstein correspond to standard MUCHO rates from Switzerland, viewable on the Rates page of this site.

    How can I avoid roaming fees when I am abroad?

    To avoid roaming fees, we recommend either:

  • do not phone with MUCHO
  • turn off your phone
  • do not respond to calls and deactivate your voice mail. If voice mail remains activated, incoming roaming fees will be applied to all calls deviated to your voicemail.

  • How can I avoid roaming fees when I am in the border area?

    In order to avoid roaming fees in the border area, manually select the Swisscom network. You will thus avoid the network switching to a foreign network.

    What is the Amigo rate if I am abroad (roaming)?

    If you call an Amigo number when you are abroad, the Amigo rate is not applicable. The rate is therefore the roaming rate in effect.

    If I wish to no longer receive the SMS with roaming rates, what should I do?

    You can deactivate the automatic SMS that confirms roaming rates by going to your MUCHO mio page.

    Customer service

    How can I reach MUCHO customer service?

    The MUCHO customer service is reachable

    1. Online on this site by filling the contact form. A MUCHO agent will reply as quickly as possible.

    2. If you want to speak with a MUCHO agent from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm, dial

  • 0840775775 from Switzerland
  • 0041223077610 from abroad
  • Outside of office hours, it is possible to leave a voice mail message 24h/24 and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.

    The price of a call to the MUCHO is :

  • free from a MUCHO telephone
  • cost of a local call from a fixed Swiss telephone
  • cost of an international call from abroad.

  • Mediation in the event of a dispute

    Ombudscom mediates in disputes related to telecommunication services and value added services.

    Information on short numbers

    Click here to access to the suppliers of specials numbers. [Source OFCOM]



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